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How I choose recipes

If you haven't already, definitely check out the recipes section of my site! Most of them are not my original recipes, so I have credited the blog from where they originate.

Pinterest is the primary place I find recipes. With so much content in one place, it's easy to find something that catches my eye. But choosing the recipe has to meet several criteria.

1. Practicality

Many recipes are unique because they utilize fancy ingredients. However, buying these is not always within my budget, or I would have to go to multiple stores to get all the items. Therefore it is not a practical choice. I tend to gravitate towards recipes with items I already own (such as quinoa, rice, pasta) or have cooked with before.

2. Calories per serving

As someone who tracks calories to help lose weight, knowing this information is important. I tend to looks for recipes that range from 400-500 calories per serving so that I stay within my budget for the day.

3. Nutritional value

This is really the big one. I'll explain in a later post, but for me, I look for recipes where half of the meal will be comprised of veggies. Sometimes, the recipes only presents one as a side, but that means I can add to it.

Other recipes, such as that delicious looking creamy soup, are made with heavy cream or cream cheese. These are ones I choose to stay away from. Dairy is high in saturated fat and swapping for low fat cream cheese is still too much for me.

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