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How I spend my Sunday's

Sundays are usually my busiest day of the week. Ideally I would like to split my chores between my two weekend days, but often that does not happen. For me, Saturday is usually reserved for light housework and family time. Or if I have appointments, I usually schedule them for Saturday mornings.

So here's a breakdown of my Sunday:

Breakfast and Coffee. Before anything else, I take time to relax and enjoy my morning. I'm usually awake by 7 or 7:30, and depending on Marcial's schedule, its usually my only quiet and alone time. On the weekends I make oatmeal for breakfast with a cup of coffee. During the week, I make a coffee smoothie. But since I have time to enjoy it on the weekend, I'l make it normally.

Start laundry. I split my laundry into four loads: Darks, lights/delicates, sheets, and towels. Out washing machine takes about 40 minutes per cycle, so I like to get this started early. Otherwise it honestly feels like I'm doing laundry all day. I also fold items right out of the dryer. I don't like to let the laundry pile up and get wrinkled. Plus, once it's done and put away, it makes me feel accomplished and more tidy.

Meal Prep. I change up the meals I make week to week, which also means the time this takes tends to change. On average, it takes me about 1.5 to 2 hours to complete my meal prep. If I have a crockpot recipe, I usually start that before I start my laundry. This way, it will usually be done by the time I've finished making my other meals. My meal prep usually overlaps lunch time, so i eat while cooking.

Clean bathrooms. Our apartment has two bathrooms that we use with equal frequency. One if my biggest pet peeves is a dirty bathroom, so I make sure that this is cleaned weekly.

Time to relax! I've usually completed all these tasks by 2pm which means I have a good portion of my day left. I usually unwind with video games and/or reading.

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