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Measuring Non-Scale Victories

Diet and lifestyle changes are hard; they come with physical, mental, and emotional barriers that we must face in order to be successful. Stepping on the scale everyday, or even once a week, doesn’t always reflect the progress we think we have achieved. Non-scale victories are ways to measure your progress without a scale. They are the changes to our everyday life that have become more apparent during our weight loss journey.

1. Your clothes feel looser. On average, it takes 20 pounds to drop a pants size. Exercise is sculpting your body while healthier food choices cut back on fluid retention. Meaning, it wont be long until you start seeing results in the fit of your clothes!

2. You’ve become more aware of your healthy food choices. Tracking your food, meal prepping, and not eating out contribute to the way we view food. By seeing the nutritional value in the food we eat, the easier it is to start regularly choosing the healthier option.

3. Daily activities have become easier. Feeling less winded and having more energy are signs that your body is getting stronger. Most people report that the first thing they notices as being easier is stairs.

4. Other people have noticed. Other people often see subtle changes before we can. Embrace the compliments!

5. You’re doing things you never thought you could. Sometimes thats running your first mile, saying no to dessert on date night, or wearing a bathing suit. Celebrate your victories!

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