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Yoga For Beginners!

Hello and Happy February! I wanted to share this great beginner Yoga Flow from YogaRove. They have really great graphics and information for what ever yoga level you are!

A couple beginner yoga tips:

  1. Remember to breathe. It's easy to get focused on the movement and trying to hit each pose. Focus on your breathe through each movement.

  2. Foot stance! Think of your foot as have 4 points of contact with the floor (two at the top and two at the heel). These points should be planted on the floor during poses that require a strong stance. This will help you with your balance and ensure you are not rolling your foot or ankle and causing injury. Be especially careful on poses #9 and #10. The back foot has a tendency to turn in which can cause a strain.

  3. Do what feels right for your body. It's ok if you're not ready for some of these poses. Or maybe you need longer to hold before you move to the next. Yoga allows you to feel connected to your body.

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